About Six Words

Let's get to know each other

What’s in the name?

Our name, Six Words Communication Corp., was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s self-imposed challenge to write a six word story. According to literary legend, after betting friends he could write a novel in just six words, Hemingway penned:


For sale: baby shoes, never worn.


In six short words, Hemingway was able to highlight the impact of clear, concise communication.


Everything we do at Six Words strives to capture the power of thoughtful, crisp communication. By being direct, clear and creative, we’re able to help you connect with your audiences and reach your goals.


From change management communication, to content strategies, to social media marketing – we apply this philosophy and approach to all areas of our work.


Our commitment to clear communication also comes to life in how we work with you. To kick things off, we will take the time to sit down with you and understand your unique needs and vision. Once things get moving, we’ll also provide proactive updates about how things are going so you’re never left wondering what’s happening.

Our Team

corinne - six words communication


Founder, Director of Communication
Purpose and gumption guide the way.

A versatile, action-oriented communicator and entrepreneur, Corinne provides strategic communication advice and guidance to clients, helping build brands and drive results. Corinne spends her time between Toronto and Vancouver.

Kajsa - six words communication


Communications Coordinator
Vibrant, inquisitive, voracious. Learn like this.

A fresh thinker and avid writer, Kajsa is a skilled content generator who loves tackling the multi-faceted world of business communications and marketing. In her spare time, Kajsa likes staying active by playing soccer and swimming.

Nadine - six words communication


Lead Designer
Creative designer. Digital artist. Dog lover.

With a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University and over seven years of experience in digital and print design, Nadine brings her extensive graphic design skills to the Six Words team.  When she’s not creating, Nadine loves going for walks with her two dogs.

ashley - six words communication


Lead Editor
Creative, descriptive, adaptive as an em-dash.

A talented wordsmith, Ashley is a freelance writer and editor with 10 years of experience working as a journalist. Her work has appeared in various publications such as Huffington Post and The Globe and Mail. Her favourite part of working alongside Six Words? The amazing clients.

eli - six words communication


Lead Videographer
My life isn’t written, it’s

Elias is a freelance videographer, motion graphic artist and editor who loves to help clients bring their stories to life visually.  Always up for an adventure, Elias’ work has taken him around the world, from documentary-style filming in Haiti and Columbia, to filming music festivals in Europe.

andrew - six words communication


Technology Lead
Speaking with computers for user experience.

Andrew fell in love with programming after learning PASCAL in high school, and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer information systems.  After starting his business, Andrew has been very focused on creating cutting-edged solutions with emphasis on user experience and interaction analysis.

richard - six words communication


Web Development Lead
Software problem solving? Love the challenge.

Richard loves challenges and problem solving, which is what drew him to programming originally.  He loves creating software out of the belief that software should make the life of the user easier, not harder.  Apart from running his own business, Richard also teaches programming, and blogs on the subject as well.