How to Create a Communication Style that Energizes Others

How to Create a Communication Style that Energizes Others

We all know them — the people who instantly lift us up when we talk with them. The people who appear to have endless amounts of compassion, energy and a certain zest for life. They navigate conversations with ease and somehow transfer their positive energy to others with each interaction.

I’ve long admired the people in my life who do this for me. And while some of it may come down to innate grace and charm, I’ve noticed that these people possess a few common communication traits. In hopes of helping to cultivate these traits within myself and those around me — here are some observations about the communication traits of the most energizing people in my life:

They are excited about the world around them and aren’t afraid to show it. Bright eyes, clear, articulate words and a high level of energy do wonders for lifting someone up – it’s actually quite addictive. So too are curiosity, passion and a general excitement for life. People who energize others bring this excitement into any room or conversation.

They really listen. Not only do these people actively listen and make eye contact, they ask leading questions that encourage you to open up, share ideas and feel safe. They genuinely want to know who you are and what you’re about. They provide a judgement-free sounding board where you are the focus of the moment. And the excitement they feel for the world around them? When they listen, it’s directed at you.

They know the dangers of multitasking (in their communication and their actions). While they may be excited (and excitable), these people know how to focus. The most energizing people are also highly-effective and know how to get things done. They understand that multitasking can take away from the quality of work they’re doing, or the exchange they’re having with someone. They also understand the importance of putting their phones away and closing their laptops when having a one-on-one conversation.

They are compassionate communicators. They care about the world around them, the people who surround them and their role in all of it. They speak highly of others, encourage people and express gratitude often. They also tend to be highly emotionally intelligent people who know how to identify and connect people’s emotions to their underlying needs.

They are deliberate with their word choice. They understand the power of the language they use and attempt to build people up with words. They express trust, care and gratitude often. And the best of the best? They try to avoid words like “but” and “just” — words that can easily derail any well-intended communication.

Being an energizing communicator is not so much about putting a positive spin on things, although that certainly doesn’t hurt. I’ve noticed that for these energizing people it’s more about harnessing and sharing their energy for the world around them.

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