About Us

Everything we do strives to capture the power of purposeful, authentic communication.

By being direct, clear and concise in our approach, we’re able to help leading social and environmental organizations connect with their audiences and create more impact. From strategic communication to change management and marketing, we apply this philosophy and approach to all areas of our work.

Our Name

Our name, Six Words Communication Corp., was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s self-imposed challenge to write a six-word story. According to literary legend, after betting friends he could write a novel in just six words, Hemingway penned: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

In six short words, Hemingway was able to highlight the impact of clear, concise communication.

Our Team

Meet our multi-disciplinary professionals and their six words


Founder, Director of Communication

Purpose and gumption guide the way.


Communications Manager

Meaningful words, long hikes and coffee.
ashley - six words communication


Lead Editor

Creative, descriptive, adaptive as an em-dash.
Eli Lead Photographer Headshot


Lead Videographer

My life isn’t written, it’s recorded. 
Nadine Lead Designer headshot


Lead Designer

Creative designer. Digital artist. Dog Lover. 
Andrew Jackman Technology lead headshot


Technology Lead

Speaking with computers for user experience.
Richard Web Dev Lead headshot


Web Development Lead

Software problem solving? Love the challenge.

Our Clients

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