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The Dangers of Closeness-Communication Bias

Closeness-communication bias can lead to breakdowns in communication with those we're closest to, including partners, friends and colleagues. Here's what you need to know. ...

Communication 101 - The Checklist

Back to Basics – A Communication Checklist

When it comes to communication, I often encourage my clients to think about their “Communication Checklist” or framework. These are the things everyone should think about before communicating...

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Six Words to Start Your Week

Every Monday we'll share a new Six Words to Start Your Week - a thought or idea to help you tackle your work week and keep communication front and centre...

2016 Communication Goals - Authentic Communication- Six Words Communication Co

Make Authentic Communication Your Goal in 2016

Whether you are looking to improve your personal brand or your company’s reputation, authentic communication is a great place to start. Make it your communication goal for 2016.
Here's how...