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How to Write Effective Emails

Whether you like it or not, emails are still a regular communication channel. But how often to do you write emails that receive no response? We’ve all been there: hitting “send” on an important email update, only to hear nothing but crickets for days. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to engage your recipients and incite action. Here are some tips to help ensure your emails get the replies you need....

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Six Simple Tips to Working Remotely

Working remotely is the dream, right? It can be more challenging than you think. Use these six simple tips on working remotely to boost your productivity. ...

Introducing HerSpace

Introducing HerSpace

HerSpace is a weekly drop-in program for women of the Downtown Eastside. A joint initiative of Atira Women’s Resource Society, the Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society (EMBERS) and our team at Six Words Communication, HerSpace offers a safe space for women to connect, learn and hone essential career skills....

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Why Your Small Business Needs Brand Guidelines

Developing brand guidelines or a styleguide for your small business is key to ensuring that your brand looks, feels and sounds the same across all of your communication and marketing channels and materials....